World’s largest underground bike garage opens in Utrecht

With space for 12,656 bicycles, the world’s largest underground bike garage is set to open today in Utrecht as part of the city’s railway station expansion.

Across three floors, the new space beats out the old record holder of 9,400 held by Tokyo’s Kasai underground station. Also included in the 12,656 are 480 spaces for cargo bikes and others that would not easily fit in regular-sized spaces. Prices to keep bikes in the garage are free for the first 24 hours before rising to €1.25 per day.

The project is part of Utrecht’s wider pledge invest €100m in fast bike lanes and better infrastructure. “The size of this project shows how many people, primarily commuters, are discovering the bike as a weapon against congestion,” says junior infrastructure minister Stientje van Veldhoven about the project.



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