European Elections

European Elections

Who is who: Volt

Name of the Party: Volt

Position in the political spectrum: centre

Ideology: Social liberalism; European federalism, Progressive politics

Position on Europe: pro Europe stressing the importance of a united European voice

National leader: –

Party in the European Parliament: 

Number of European MPs elected in 2014:

In the Dutch parliament:

Party programme in English: Sì

Lead candidate: Reinier Van Lanschot

Principles for the European Elections 2019: Fix the EU by creating a strong political union and empowering its citizens. “Working together we can shape Europe into a united Europe, under the highest standards of environmental, human, and social development. A Europe where its citizens and residents, are able to develop their true potential and have the necessary tools to shape their societies”. Another important goal is make the Europe an economic powerhouse, by boosting growth and standard of living and putting education first.

Standing points:

  1. Security: sustaining solid investments on welfare policies, in particular related to education and healthcare
  2. Migration:a common european management of migrations
  3. Environment: providing investment in the green and blue economy
  4. Euro: more unified European tax system and common management of eurobonds.
  5. European Institutions: sustaining federated Europe with a strong European Parliament in which the citizens become the very center of European democracy

The full programme is here.


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