Who is who: SP, Socialist party

Name of the Party: SP (Socialistische Partij)

Position in the political spectrum: left-wing

Ideology: Democratic Socialism, Social democracy

Position on Europe: Soft Eurosceptism

National leader: Lilian Marijnissen

Party in the European Parliament:

Number of European MPs elected in 2014: 2

In the Dutch parliament:  After the 2006 general election, the Socialist Party became one of the major parties of the Netherlands with 25 seats of 150. On 2017 general election, SP gained 14 seats.

Party programme in English: no

Lead candidate: Arnout Hoekstra

Principles for the European Elections 2019: “Break the power of Brussels” Sp’s manifesto says. “Many people simply don’t bother about European Elections. Yet by staying away from the polling booths, they are simply resigning themselves to the fact that Brussels rules over almost everything in their country” the party affirms.

“European cooperation could still prove an excellent plan. If the interests of the people were put first, if we could again make our own decisions, in deliberation with others in Europe. About how we want to organise our health care, our social housing, our public transport, our labour market, our national budget and taxation” political manifesto states too.

Standing points:

Security: Providing social  welfare and investing in public education, public safety and health care. 

Migration: Everything possible must be done to address the causes of mass migration and streams of refugees. We will work towards improving European cooperation on asylum and migration and for an effective approach to the problems linked to current levels of migration into the EU, principally from Africa and the Middle East. Discrimination and marginalisation should not be allowed in an equal society.

Environment: Food should be wholesome, healthy, affordable and safe, but it should also be produced with respect for animals and the environment. Because the EU has a single agricultural market, a European policy is in this case necessary. Such cooperation offers the opportunity to make European agriculture greener and more sustainable, ensuring that what ends up on our plates meets our demands.

Euro: The euro has no future in the long term. The fundamental problem with the euro is that it does not go together with national democracy. That is why the road must be opened for alternatives.

European Institutions: Rejecting the domination of Brussels, SP supports a strong Netherlands in which each country decide for itself how cooperate with others. The European Commission in its present form should be abolished. From being a civil service body, the unelected Commission has become much too political and instrument which, with no democratic mandate, contributes to determining the direction and policies of the EU. Moreover, the role of national parliaments must be strengthened and proposals for ‘European taxes’ must be rejected.

The full programme is here.


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