What is the Mocro Maffia?

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What is Mocro Maffia?

With the journalistic/literary definition Mocro Maffia (a combination of “Mocro”, a derogatory slang in Dutch that indicates the Moroccan minority in the Netherlands, and “Maffia”, with two “f”) means organized crime of a new generation that operates between Bassi and Belgium, characterized with an ethnic base. Although the definition refers to criminals from different minorities, the accent is placed above all those of North African origin. Children of a global society, the criminals of the Mocro Maffia move between the Netherlands, Morocco, Suriname, and the Antilles. Several executions have taken place in those countries.

The definition is now all-encompassing and indicates the war between rival gangs for the control of the narcotics trade between the Netherlands and Belgium that, since 2012, has been operating on Dutch roads. The story of Mocro Maffia has been also been told via a best seller and a web series.

How does it differ from other criminal organizations?

La Mocro Maffia is the expression of a new generation of criminals, almost all young – less than 40 years old – from families from Morocco or former Dutch colonies operating within the cocaine market in the Netherlands. Compared to traditional gangs, they make increased use of technology and violence.

Who are the killers of the “Mocro Maffia”

According to detectives and crime news, these are young killers, raised in the Nieuw West and Zuidoost areas of Amsterdam coming from poor education backgrounds and have replaced professional killers. Their work is often performed by inexperienced people who commit errors or operate in broad daylight and in crowded areas.

How does the police act against Mocro Maffia?

One of the police’s major difficulties is to infiltrate these organizations: since they are small and ethnically compact. Given the scarcity of ethnic minority agents, it has not been possible – until now – to use informants. On the contrary, the “witness” system is proving to be effective. However, as the case of Nabil B. demonstrates, informants are vulnerable to the risk of cross vendettas.

Source: VRT
Image Credit: Mocro Maffia Trailer


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