The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.


Weekend Roundup: 5 Unique things to do in Amsterdam this weekend

Each week +31 Mag curates a list of 5 English language events around Amsterdam
8 November – 10 November edition

1. [Cinema] BEATS
(FC Hyena; Aambeeldstraat 24, 1021 KB Amsterdam)
In the film BEATS, “A reclusive, teenage music prodigy forms an unlikely friendship with a struggling producer. United by their mutual love of hip-hop, they try to free each other from the demons of their past and break into the city’s music scene.”

2. [Culture; Free] LAG Wicked Wacky Open Day
(LAG; Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, 1075 TX Amsterdam)
“LAG is a hacklab project coming out of the SLUG (Squatting Linux User Group) mesh.
Our main focus is the relationship between politics and technology, both at a practical and theoretical level.” LAG is open Friday, “You can come and play with some synths or other soundy devices. Do some diy photo developing. Scan a book. Make a pot.

Breaking stuff, unbreaking stuff, burning stuff, melting stuff, lots of stuff. Experimental media streams flow out of the space.”

3. [Activism] Anarchist Library Amsterdam
(The Bollox; De Binnenpret, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, 1075 TX Amsterdam)
“We have an extensive collection ranging from anarchist classics to the latest publications on economic theory, queer perspectives, radical art, government infiltration and squatting. Other topics are anti-fascism, animal liberation, feminism, ecology, history, biographies and prison struggle. We have books in Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German. You can find books about and by radical thinkers, books you won’t find in any other library, books to sharpen the mind and to initiate thought and debate. Books that give a different perspective on the world as we know it and enlighten us about the fact that another world is possible and necessary.”

4. [Culture] Miss Vanity L.O.V.E’s Drag Cabaret
(CREA Café; Nieuwe Achtergracht 168, 1018 WV Amsterdam)
“Are you ready for a night of fun, lipsync, games, comedy, and fierce Drag? Come check out our local Drag…hosted by the one and only Miss Vanity L.O.V.E., together with her drag sister Char de Nay. Drag Performers are people who use various means, such as makeup, fashion, and creativity, to reinvent themselves and express themselves through a particular character they create or recreate…CREA Café will be celebrating this artform and invites you to join the fun. To kick-off the first edition, there will be an open stage, so if you feel like performing yourself, we would L.O.V.E. to have you.”

5. [Music; Cinema] Eye on Sound: _underscore_
(EYE Film Instituut Nederland; IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam)
“A techno band, a composer for new media and two ambient musicians let themselves be inspired by silent films. Animistic Beliefs, Martijn Comes and Wanderwelle perform live electronic music to the adventures of a hat that changes many hands, the recovery of a young woman staying at the Scheveningen Kurhaus and a space trip by the children Frans and Vincent Icke.” è un progetto indipendente di giornalismo partecipativo.
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