The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

Weekend Roundup: 5 Unique things to do in Amsterdam this weekend

Each week +31 Mag curates a list of 5 English language events around Amsterdam

4 October – 6 October edition

1. [Music, Activism, Cinema, Free] Vondelbunker Festival
(Vondelbunker; Vondelpark 8a, 1071AA Amsterdam)
The first Vondelbunker Festival is October 4-6 with a Mini Empowerment Film festival Friday and a selection of presentations and live music shows on Saturday and Sunday. Presenters Saturday include Yoga De Verrekijker, the Extinction Rebellion, and the Love Foundation followed by an Electronic Music night with performers including Lik de kikker, Oneven, Jack Fresia, Frablum x Cool Tiger and Jip. The Vondelbunker Festival Band Marathon line up for Sunday includes Bleach Pizza, Traash Boo, Vulva, and many more.

2. [Cinema] Camera Japan
(Filmtheater Kriterion; Roetersstraat 170, 1018 WE Amsterdam)
From October 3-6 Kriterion hosts Camera Japan, a festival of Japenese film which also explores the culture of Japan including “art, music, dance, fashion, food, and much more.” Join the celebration of Japanese culture in Amsterdam this weekend for “the best, the weirdest, and the most unexpected cinema from Japan.”

3. [LGBTQ] Radical Fringe Queer Hair Salon
(NieuwLand; Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 95, 1093XN Amsterdam)
“A weekly donation-based salon for hair styling, getting your nails done, swapping make up tips, chatting gender theory, reading and sharing zines!” Born from the “nervousness and anxiety” queer and trans people can experience visiting commercialized hair and beauty places, the Radical Fringe Queer Hair Salon is a pay-as-you-can beauty salon available by appointment only from 14:00-17:00.

4. [Seminar, photography] Sunday Seminar with Kaja Silverman and Walid Raad
(Stedelijk Museum; Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam)
Billed as “one of the most innovative thinkers in the field of photography,” this Sunday you can join Kaja Silverman as she shares her soon-to-be-published project ‘The Three-Personed Picture, or The History of Photography, Part II’, where Silverman “rewrites and revises the history and theory of photography.” This presentation will be followed by a continued conversation with longtime associate Walid Raad.

5. [Cinema] Hong Kong Films
(Joe’s Garage; Pretoriusstraat 43, 1092 EZ Amsterdam)
“As the struggle in Hong Kong goes on we’re going to watch some political and a-bit-less-political films from there, all filmed since the handover from Britain to China. We can also chat after the films about the current situation, the powerful solidarity being displayed by very different parts of society, the complex political demands, and the interesting wave of tactics over the recent years.” è un progetto indipendente di giornalismo partecipativo.
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