Vegan activists occupy Dutch pig farm, police step in

A large group of animal rights activists from the group “Meat the Victims,” broke into a pig barn in Boxtel, near the Belgian border, starting Monday morning. Local farmers retaliated by barbecuing meat outside of the barn and flipping the protester’s cars. The local mayor labeled the demonstration as “unacceptable,” according to an RT article.

In videos taken by the activits, it is not seen that any of the sows and piglets are mistreated. The activists fight against the confinement and breeding of animals, naming them as acts of cruelty. Some protestors remained inside, even laying in the pigsties, while others stood outside chanting: “What do we want? Animal liberation! If you have nothing to hide, let the media go inside.” 

Police showed up and negotiated with the activists. At around 10:30 pm local time, the protesters announced that they would leave. “Meat the Victims” is a global animal-rights group with protesters breaking into farms in Australia, Canada, Spain, and the UK. Other undercover protests have shown signs of mistreated animals, like workers kicking the pigs or leaving dead pigs in the sty next to living ones, reported RT. 


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