According to Reuters, police has seized 2.5 tonnes of meth, so far the biggest amount of synthetic drugs ever confiscated in Europe. He added that the police is on the way to find the suspects. The methamphetamine was destined for shipping, maybe heading to eastern Europe.

According to recent waste water tests, meth usage levels in Dutch cities is rather low compared to the USA or Australia, but it’s increasing from time to time.

Police announced in a statement that they exposed the drugs while they were visiting an office building during a routine search. They found that the 2nd floor appeared smaller on the inside compared the outside. After that, they discovered a camouflaged room where the drugs were hidden, divided into packages in brick shape and stored in many plastic shopping bags. Authorities also discovered a storage in Utrecht, containing 17,500 liters of chemicals.These were used in washing cocaine or making synthetic drugs.

Police detected rocks which were used to transport the drugs too. The drugs have been destroyed by the police.