UNDISPUTED ATTITUDE FESTIVAL 2019: in February, metal as you’ve never heard it before

Six groups from the emerging metal scene, an unprecedented festival with two events in two different countries one week apart: the former in Amsterdam on Friday, 15 February at Melkweg; the latter at the Defrag in Rome on Saturday, 23 February 2019. Free admission for both events.

These are the premises for the first edition of the UNDISPUTED ATTITUDE FESTIVAL, organized by Kick Agency & Time to Kill Records: young metal groups who range from trash, death and groove metal with punk, noise and post-rock influences will perform on the different stages. 

All under the watchful eye of one of the creative managers of the event, Roberto Toderico, who is a former member of the band ASPHYX, PESTILENCE, SINISTER.

Coffin Birth, Thank U for Smoking, Ozaena, Hellucination, Unison Theory and Zeni will perform on the stage.

The line-up will be as follows:

Coffin Birth
COFFIN BIRTH is the result of a collaboration between some of the finest musicians from the Italian and Maltese extreme metal scenes, namely Giulio Moschini (HOUR OF PENANCE), Marco Mastrobuono (HOUR OF PENANCE, BUFFALO GRILLZ), Francesco Paoli (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, ex-HOUR OF PENANCE), Davide Billia (HOUR OF PENANCE, BEHEADED), Frank Calleja (BEHEADED). The debut album “The Serpent insignia” is out now via Time To Kill Records/Narcotica.

Thank U For Smoking
THANK U FOR SMOKING is a highly experimental musical project that has been active since 2009. The initial attitude of the band was entirely devoted to an instrumental improvisation, and was later structured and ordered to create a more cohesive mix of vocal and instrumental melodies. Today, the band offers a dark and brooding sound where noise and post-rock influences coexist in a delicate balance with a drone and doom background.

OZAENA are a thrash/groove metal band with a modern and open-minded attitude. The band’s last album, “Necronaut”, was released in 2017 via Time to Kill Records, and since then, the band have been busy touring and playing shows supporting acts such as JINJER ed EXTREMA, among others.

HELLUCINATION have the ability to mix different styles of metal, creating a tight and dynamic yet brooding sound. In their music, you can clearly distinguish the heaviness of death metal, the soaring melodies of the northern school of melodic death metal, along with the speed and groove of thrash metal. The final result is a blend of modern and dynamic metal, able to make you head-bang, as well as inspire feelings of creating somberness and nostalgia.

Unison Theory
Italian death-thrash act UNISON THEORY is a respected name in the Italian metal underground scene. For the past several years, the band has prolifically pursued an intense and modern vision of death-thrash metal, faithfully cobbling together the best and most evocative elements of MESHUGGAH, THE FACELESS and OBSCURA. “Arctos”, the band’s debut album, was recorded and mixed at Kick Recording Studio by Marco Mastrobuono (COFFIN BIRTH, HOUR OF PENANCE) and mastered by Hertz Recording Studio (BEHEMOTH). The album is now available via Time To Kill Records.

Metal, hardcore, progressive and electronics. Growling and clean vocals. Italy’s ZENIT is a young and ambitious band, continuously striving for excellence, while blending modern heavy sounds. Their new album has been recorded at Rome’s Kick Recording Studio by Marco Mastrobuono (COFFIN BIRTH, HOUR OF PENANCE) and will be released sometime in 2019.

Undisputed Attitude Festival is endorsed by MiBACT and SIAE, in the framework of the “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura” project.


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