Two Dutch youth face trespassing charges storming Area 51

Two Dutch Youtube personalities were arrested in the US, trespassing through the notorious “Area 51”.

Located in the state of Nevada, Area 51 has been subject to controversy and conversation in recent months with the infamous “Storm Area 51” Facebook Event garnering some two million+ RSVPs. Since, the event has been taken down – at the request of the FBI- but has evolved into a music festival, scheduled to take place near the site on 20 September.

The two Dutch youths, Ties Granzier (20) and Govert Sweep (21), were in possession of a drone, several cameras, and a laptop. Despite the surveillance and trespassing warnings of the area, local police say they had recorded footage of the site, which is a test facility of the US Air Force. Holding legendary status in conspiracy theory as the supposed location for experimentation on extraterrestrial beings and technology, Area 51 operates at the highest levels of secrecy.

Now charged with trespassing, Granzier and Sweep face 6 months in prison, although the penalty is rarely imposed. Both hold Youtube followings in the hundreds of thousands with Granzier operating a DIY restoration channel and Sweep, ghost hunting.

The NYE Sheriff’s Office released the following:

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