Tech Leap.NL, a new initiative being launched by the Dutch government, supports the expansion and standing of Dutch start-ups. The Dutch government also just hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 in The Hague in an effort to play a bigger role in developing solutions for a better global future. The goal is to make a positive impact on a global scale and His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn van Oranje is aiming to make the Netherlands “a unicorn nation,” reports Silicon Canals.

In 2018, the Amsterdam StartupDelta accomplished much by having a growth in funding and had strong performances in Life Sciences and Deep Tech. 65 million euros will be made available by the Dutch government for startup- and scale-ups policies to maintain that success that the Netherlands has been experiencing. 

TechLeap.NL will officially launch in quarter 4 of 2019 as the successor of StartupDelta. The program will focus on knowledge development in the startup ecosystem in order to connect top scaleups with the best investors. 

Prince Constantijn can Oranje held the role of Special Envoy at StartupDelta for the past three years, and will continue to do so for TechLeam.NL. He asserts that “with TechLeap.NL the Netherlands is running for European leadership in tech. Being one interconnected delta we’re in a position where we can work as one unit to push the Netherlands forward together”. Emphasis will be given to the themes of capital, talent, and market in regard to rapid growth.

State secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate, Mona Keijzer affirms that “The success of the Netherlands is driven by an international culture of openness, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.  With these new action plan, we want to build the best ecosystem of Europe,” according to Silicon Canals.