The Netherlands is no longer the leading producer of cannabis

Last week, customs at the Port of Rotterdam intercepted a ton of marijuana hidden inside kitchen furniture traveling from Canada to Germany. The big question: Why do Germans import their cannabis from North America instead of the Netherlands?

At first, the shipment seemed unsuspicious and didn’t match the typical risk profiles customs usually checks. However, the kitchen furniture, the “mules” in this case, usually arrive empty when delivered to customers. This time they were full.

It was later discovered that there were 2,317 packages of marijuana inside, totaling 1,042 kilograms, valued at over 5 million euros. The packages were vacuum-sealed to save space and reduce the risk of being detected by drug-sniffing dogs.

So, why would a German buyer import marijuana from across the ocean instead of doing business with a Dutch grower? Expert Nicole Maalsté explains daily AD that the Netherlands is no longer the leading producer of cannabis, and other countries like the United States and Canada produce cannabis on a large scale thanks to local legalization. Overseas cannabis is appreciated because it’s seen as a clean and controlled product, and there are always new varieties making their way to Europe, even in Dutch coffeeshops.



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