The Hague tempts tourists from Amsterdam with new marketing initiative

To alleviate the burden of the capital city’s over 17 million yearly overnight visitors, for 3 weeks Amsterdam tourists at Central Station will receive heavy marketing efforts from The Hague.

The Central Station I Amsterdam store has been temporarily converted to The Hague’s city colors of green and yellow. A green carpet highlights the front of the store where visitors can purchase products from The Hague such as Haagse Hopjes.

The Hague’s municipal council head of economic affairs, Richard de Mos, said that this initiative is part of a 3-year joint strategy to share tourism between the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague. “Amsterdam has 13 times more overnight visitors than we do,” said de Mos, “But we offer something different: a seaside town, a royal town and a place of knowledge and peace. If The Hague can help make Amsterdam less busy, it is happy to do it.”

The Hague hopes to promote itself as the royal city of the Netherlands, focusing marketing efforts on its picturesque palaces, dignified streets, museums, and the beach. De Mos said, “The focus is not on nuisance-making tourists but on the sort of tourist who wants to visit palaces, museums, and beaches.”

The 3 week long I Amsterdam store takeover began on September 13th and was paired with a tourist giveaway of 50 free return tickets to The Hague.

Featured Image: Rene Mensen [CC BY]


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