The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.


Socialist Party reacts to “idiot” Iamsterdam promotion

The Socialist Party has reacted to new Iamsterdam international student recruitment marketing by calling the promotion “idiot.”

On Monday, Iamsterdam promoted the capital city to prospective students by posting the question, “Have you ever considered studying in Amsterdam?” The post links to an Iamsterdam article which overviews various fields of study and boasts that Amsterdam’s higher education is “among the world’s best.”

Erik Flentge, Chairman of the political group, questioned city council about the promotion stating that Amsterdam is already “squeaking at the seams” under the housing market crisis. According to interior Minister Kajsa Ollongren, the Netherlands is currently experiencing a shortage of nearly 300,000 homes.

Incoming international students have resorted to unorthodox housing options to avoid homelessness, such as living in a tent city established by a student organization in Tilburg.

In his criticism of the Iamsterdam recruitment campaign, Flentge pointed out recent efforts to transform Iamsterdam from a promotional organization for Amsterdam to a means of spreading tourism around the country.

Twitter reactions to the Iamsterdam post include comments like, “PS You may not be able to actually live there, or, if you find a tiny room, be able to afford the rent #minordetail #housingcrisis” and, “There are no places to live though so bring a tent and an extra pair of socks,” and, “Amsterdam is full. The city is overflowing. Regular tenants are already being driven out of the city. Gentrification is rampant and you want to accommodate even more people in that city? Has this been thought about?”

Another Twitter response asks, “Who are you serving this way? What problems do you solve? None. @Iamsterdam creates problems and we pay you for that. Crazy.”

Featured Image: Guilhem Vellut [Flickr]