di Livia Marques

photo credit: Hans Gerritsen

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s style infuse a subtle and deep emotion through the plasticity of the bodies and the costumes: colorful whirl rotate on stage, creating a hypnotic image in continuous motion.

The Flemish-moroccan choreographer accompanied live by the Corsican vocal group A Filetta investigates various aspects of venturing into magnetic landscapes and polarized forces as attraction and repulsion. His In Memoriam is the first show of the sequence TUTTI with its calendar of 3 events to celebrate the 45 years of Introdans.

It has been staged in Amsterdam Monday, November the 7th at the Stadschouwburg, in a packed hall. On the evening of TUTTI (ALL in italian), as the name says, it brings together two companies of Introdans and presents the work of three international choreographers. In the program follows NOWHERE the short and intense work of Dimitris Papaioannou, greek choreographer and visual artist.

Premiere 30 september 2016 Stadstheater Arnhem
Premiere 30 september 2016 Stadstheater Arnhem

In this his first time in the Netherlands he puts each individual dancer at the service of human highly choral image, where the body – also naked – is presented to viewers with its maximum power. Sung by the Italian Mauro Bigonzetti – former director of ATERBALLETTO in Reggio Emilia – is a highly theatrical work, accompanied by a musical tribute to Italian tradition and entrusted by the female folk group’s voice Assurd feat. Enza Pagliara.

It accompanies the performance in a sort of game that alternates dynamic story, involving a large number of dancers. “TUTTI was an experience of union and determinate an year through the celebration” tell Salvatore Castles and Giuseppe Calabrese, Italian dancers of Introdans. TUTTI is on tour until the 16th of December. TUTTI and the beginning of 2017.  Introdans will be back in Amsterdam with Hoera voor Hans and Monumentaal.