Sexual harassment incidents amongst athletic organizations on the rise

With an average caseload of 5 per year, the 52 reported instances of sexual harassment sports disciplinary court ISR has revealed in 2019 points to a worrying trend.

This uptick in sexual harassment does not come as a surprise to the ISR, with board member Peter Vogelzang saying “I think five cases a year was a huge under-representation. I am assuming that the number will increase further.” Vogelzang says that the increased number of organizations that have joined the ISR, as well as social and activist changes like #MeToo each attribute the increase in reported cases.

The ISR has also had increased visibility in the past months, starting with the incident of athletics coach “Jerry M.” Jerry is accused of sexually assaulting 9 girls over 30 years. He has received a lifetime ban from the Athletics Union and will appear in court next year.

Featured Image: Jean Beaufort


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