Guardia di Finanza police has arrested on the early hours of Sunday Sea Watch rescue boat captain, the german Carola Rackete who forced italian government blockade and entered the port with the 42 asylum seekers stuck onboard for 14 days.

Round 1am Sea Watch twitted the decision to force the block, despite a relocation agreement for the 42 was found.


On Twitter Ms. Rackete has said on a video that situation on board was deteriorating and there was urgent need to disembark.

While approaching the port a collision with Guardia di Finanza boat was narrowly avoided: as the “finanzieri” had the order not let Sea Watch pass they put themself on the way and according to them, an accident with potential serious consequences was avoided.

Once Ms. Rackete, who is currently under home arrest in Lampedusa, was taken away by finanzieri, tension by the harbour mounted: Sea Watch supporters and opponents confronted and the atmposphere was tense, according to video reports from different sources.

The 42 asylum seeker, Sea Watch crew and 5 italian member of parliament, who spent three days on board, were disembarked on the morning.