Sea Watch, criminalizing sea rescue: D66 and CU will not support liberal VVD

The VVD’s proposal to criminalize rescues in the Mediterranean has split the governing coalition: Rutte III cabinet parties are divided over the proposal. If christians CDA does not exclude the move, Christen Unie and D66 are firmly against it. But they do not talk about a possible government crisis: the reform is not in the coalition program, so it will not happen.

During yesterday’s parliamentary debate, writes AD, the project has already been downsized. The motion, in fact, asks the parliament to “investigate” the possibility of punishing missions like that of Sea Watch.

The CDA supports the liberals, but Christen Unie and D66 firmly oppose it and in the worst scenario they threat to leave the government. This does not mean that a crisis has opened up in Den Haag, because the VVD has quickly reduced the requests.

D66 and ChristenUnie are not very worried about the matter anyway: anyone who does not help a person at sea is punishable under current legislation and international conventions.

The Secretary of State Ankie Broekers-Knol (also VVD) has downsized the announcements of the past days with just the intention of “looking at the legislation more closely”.

VVD member of parliament, Jeroen van Wijngaarden, who had formulated his “plan” speaks of a “difficult legal matter”, but the “suggestion” could be to amend the Criminal Code, so as to include the crime of “promoting ‘illegal immigration” punished with a maximum of four years, or a fine of 83,000 euros.

Months ago, MP from VVD Malik Azmani, nowadays in the European Parliament called exactly for the same investigation that Van Wijngaarden is trying to promote. But the D66 has already given the alt: it will not be done. At least as long as they are in government. Because it is morally and legally unacceptable.

For the VVD the matter becomes serious: the support of the far right of FvD and PVV would be enough to pass the motion.


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