The Sea-Watch 3 migrant-rescue ship is still stuck in front of Lampedusa island since italian Deputy Premier and interior Minister Matteo Salvini issued an order banning disembarkment.

On Thursday evening Captain Carola Rackete forced the blockade and decided to move the Sea Watch 3 into italian territorial waters as the situation onboard, according to the crew, is deteriorating and the 42 migrants rescued 14 days ago need assistance.

The fact soon turned into an international crisis as Salvini is calling Dutch and German governments to act; according to the italian interior minister, as the ngo is German and the boat is sailing under a Dutch flag, those countries are responsible for the refugees.

But according to the Dutch press, the government of The Netherlands doesn’t want to act: according to a spokeperson of foreign affari minister, the flag doesn’t give any responsability to Den Haag.