Rotterdam police bust over 1000 kilos of cocaine in produce deliveries

Over the weekend, Rotterdam police and customs officials made two large scale drug posts in the Dutch port city.

Hidden in a shipment of produce and another in fruit concentrates, the bust netted some 1250 kilos total in confiscated cocaine. The first, found on Friday, was a total of 500 kilos confiscated via routine police and customs check at the port of Rotterdam. The haul was hidden a storage site on Maasvlakte in a container of fruit concentrate. The second, on Sunday, yielded 750 kilos. It was also found in a fruit container and was traced in connection to a business on Oranjelaan in Rozenburg where 5 men were ultimately arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Police did not, however, say if Friday’s bust brought about any arrests.

As of today, all the drugs were destroyed and Rotterdam’s Public Prosecutor is investigating the incidents, which they d not feel are connected.

PC: Politie


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