Prominent hacked neo-nazi forum featured multiple Dutch members

Wikimedia Commons

Iron March, a fascist web forum active until 2017, featured multiple Dutch nationals active across the platform.

Uncovered through information released by hackers including usernames, emails, IP addresses, and private/group messages, the active Dutch sought to create a new such organization in the Netherlands. That organization, which would target Jews, Muslims, and Gays, was to emulate the Iron March ethos: “Gasify the Jews! Race war now!”.

Though the Dutch members of the forum seem to have not committed acts of tangible violence, the site’s US-based members have been linked to three murders. Those incidents include the stabbing of Jewish and Gay classmates, as well as another double homicide. Members have also extensive links to guns, ammunition, bomb-making equipment, and bulletproof vests. The Dutch members did, however, express their sympathies to the arrested American members.

On the topic, Security Service AIVD says they are “concerned that the (online) language use in the right-wing extremist scene has become increasingly aggressive and inciting in recent years”.

Featured Image: User:Froofroo [Public domain]


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