Over half of Netherlanders consider meat eating a activity of the past

Though a high percentage of Dutch consider themselves meat-eaters, almost an equal amount feel that meat consumption will drastically decrease in the coming years.

Due to environmental impact, almost half of the 60% mentioned feel that “eating meat every day is no longer of this time” per a Natuur & Milieu commissioned Kien study. The meat industry’s environmental impact is well known as cows, in particular, are responsible for both methane gas emissions and the over-cultivation of land. According to Natuur & Milieu, some 5kg of feed is needed to produce 1kg of meat. That 1kg (steak) is responsible for 57.9kg of carbon emissions. In contrast, 1kg of chicken produces 13.4kg of carbon emissions, while 1 kg of tofu produces 5.8kg.

The average Netherlands resident consumes about 40kg of meat per year with men out consuming women. Meat is consumed with the day’s biggest meal 4-5 times out of the week. Still, despite the environmental effects, only 1/3 of the over 1,000 surveyed feel that this damage should be reflected in the price.


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