Greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands fell by 2.2 percent in 2018, according to Reuters. This brings down the country’s carbon dioxide and equivalents emissions to 189.5 billion kg, a reduction helped by power companies. However, in total, the Dutch have only decreased their emissions by 14.5 percent since 1990, meaning they are unlikely to meet their goal of a 25 percent reduction by 2020.

Proportionately, the Netherlands acts as one of Europe’s worst greenhouse gas polluters. The Dutch emit 34 percent more than average per capita, Reuters says. For this reason, the government is set in June to propose a national plan for cutting emissions in half over the next decade. 

But so far, it is not clear how the Netherlands will comply with a 2015 court ruling that ordered the country to meet its 2020 climate target. Prime Minster Mark Rutte’s government has said serval times it will meet this target, somehow.