Nitrous Oxide related traffic accidents surge, spurring safety warnings

Dutch police records show an enormous increase in traffic accidents where drivers were under the influence of Nitrous Oxide. Up to 960 accident in 219, the number is a dramatic spike from the 60 that were registered in 2016. The statistics have brought traffic safety organisation Veilig Verkeer to launch a social media campaign with the intention of raising awareness to the dangers of driving under the gas’s influence.

A TeamAlert and NOS poll drew insight into the state and attitudes around of Nitrous Oxide use in the Netherlands with almost half of the 193 young adults who have driven after having it thought it did not affect their ability to drive adversely. Research has also shown that some 37% of Dutch party-goers use Nitrous Oxide on a regular basis, resulting in several small companies selling and delivering the gas.

“It is incomprehensible that people, mainly youngsters, drive while under the influence of laughing gas. They are taking their own lives and that of others into their hands,” a Veilig Verkeer spokesperson told NOS. The organisation also wants to ban the use of Nirous Oxide canisters while driving with insurers seconding the ban. Currently, users are responsible for damages incurred.

Featured Image: Hansmuller [CC BY-SA]


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