Netherlands to be the leading European country for “floating” solar power. But environmentalists are not impressed

Accoring to daily paper Trouw many local authorities, national government, and private sector companies are working on a plan to make massive floating solar farms in the Netherlands . This plan will contribute to the sustainability of the Dutch renewable energy targets by 2023.

The Floating Solar group aims to establish 2,000 hectares of floating solar farms by 2023 , while adding a hundred thousand solar power panels. This would make the Netherlands the leading European country for floating solar power. The country has a target to derive 16% of energy usage from sustainable sources by 2023. However, as told by Kees de Pater of the bird protection group Vogelbescherming , those plans will have a serious impact on the ecosystem , destroying fish and bird live.

On the other hand , Wiep Folkerts of research group TNO, declared that they will handle the impact on nature with care. The advantage of a floating farm is that it can increase energy production by 30%. Environmental organizations say more should be done to use other choices, such as the tops of buildings. In 2017, environmental organization Natuur & Milieu confirmed that by saying that there is enough room for 145 million solar panels.


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