Accoring to daily paper Trouw many local authorities, national government, and private sector companies are working on a plan to make massive floating solar farms in the Netherlands . This plan will contribute to the sustainability of the Dutch renewable energy targets by 2023.

The Floating Solar group aims to establish 2,000 hectares of floating solar farms by 2023 , while adding a hundred thousand solar power panels. This would make the Netherlands the leading European country for floating solar power. The country has a target to derive 16% of energy usage from sustainable sources by 2023. However, as told by Kees de Pater of the bird protection group Vogelbescherming , those plans will have a serious impact on the ecosystem , destroying fish and bird live.

On the other hand , Wiep Folkerts of research group TNO, declared that they will handle the impact on nature with care. The advantage of a floating farm is that it can increase energy production by 30%. Environmental organizations say more should be done to use other choices, such as the tops of buildings. In 2017, environmental organization Natuur & Milieu confirmed that by saying that there is enough room for 145 million solar panels.