The fear of garbage bags accumulating in the city completes the current crisis of the AEB, Amsterdam’s waste disposal center. Now that a rescue plan has been postponed, the biggest fear for the city is to face a scenario like those of Italian cities of Rome and Naples writes Het Parool.

“Neapolitan conditions in the streets of Amsterdam” – this is the title of Amsterdam main newspaper: mountains of decomposing waste not collected because AEB is about to go bankrupt.

The association for waste management invited the city council on Thursday to put down financial guarantees for the AEB. Due to technical problems, the company has shut down most of its waste incinerators. Other waste collection centers have promised to take over, but they can only do so if the municipality – 100% shareholder of the company – will do its part.

The escalation in the crisis of AEB, according to the Volkskrant, would have peaked when the company announced – due to the precarious economic situation – it did not enough funds to guarantee the transport of garbage the next time to other power plants.

Double worry: 400 people will also be at risk being left without work and the rubbish not to be collected from the street.

To avoid the risk of Amsterdam becoming like Rome, they need 35 million euros and guarantees. Earlier this week, two of the six incineration lines were closed for repairs because personnel safety could not be guaranteed, adds Het Parool. At the moment, 70% of the waste that AEB normally disposes of must be taken elsewhere.

The municipality did not comment the article.

Featured Image: FaceMePLS