A dachshund named Limo has been reunited with her owners after disappearing 11 years ago. Though the dog was microchipped when she went missing in 2008, her owners, Ron and Sandra Joling, heard no sign from her until last weekend when Dierencentrum Achterhoek checked the microchip of a stray dog found wandering around the Gelderland village of Gaanderen – about 30 kilometres from Limo’s original home in Warnsveld.

Alex Ebbers of the animal center told Ad that the couple “reacted in disbelief that their dog was recovered after such a long time.”

According to a Facebook post by the vet, the dog was 3 when she went missing and police feared she had been stolen by dog thieves or criminal breeders. While Limo was found well-fed and socialized, her fur was tangled and discolored, her teeth were badly neglected, her ears were inflamed, she had a bladder infection and mammary tumors.

After receiving medical care and a visit to the groomers, Limo was reunited with her owners earlier this week. The Jolings run a veterinary practice themselves and can provide the necessary care for Limo as she recovers.

Featured Image: Facebook Zoo Achterhoek