Lesbian woman pursues attacker, facilitates arrest

A 34-year-old Rotterdam man was arrested on Friday after attacking a lesbian couple dining on the Lijnbaan. One of the women called the police and then pursued the attacker, updating the agents on his location until he was apprehended.

According to Rotterdam police, the women were eating on a terrace when they were approached by a man making “obscene gestures and comments.” The couple ignored the harasser at first but replied after “the umpteenth annoying remark.” The unnamed man then attacked one of the women, pushing a burning cigarette butt on her neck and striking her several times.

After abusing the woman, the perpetrator allegedly tried to “casually” walk away but was pursued by his victim who facilitated his apprehension. Police are still investigating but they suspect the attack was motivated by the couple’s sexual orientation.

LGBTQ people who fear calling law enforcement because of their orientation can access a special point of contact from the nationwide initiative Pink in Blue (Roze in Blauw), which includes all police units and services.


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