Laughing gas to officially be banned in the Netherlands

After several reports dealing with its negative effect on health, the Dutch government is planning the all-out ban of laughing gas for recreational use.

‘We can no longer accept the risks to the health of young people,’ junior health minister Paul Blokhuis said on the topic, continuing “A balloon is not as innocent as it may seem.” Blokhuis seeks to deem the gas on B tier of the Opium Law. This will put it in the same category as cannabis. This also means that, like cannabis, users will not receive charges for using, however possession, import, trade, and production will be met with criminal charges.

The ban is expected to take effect in about 9 months. In the meantime, certain municipalities are looking for ways to curb usage. Arnhem and Amsterdam, for example, are suggested to bring in local bylaws banning the sale.

Featured Image: Hansmuller [CC BY-SA]


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