The Stedelijk Museum has announced that Amsterdam-West’s Keith Haring mural will begin restoration in April 2020.

Entitled the ‘Groovy sea animal,’ the mural is located on the Amsterdam-West Food Center and is Haring’s biggest mural in Europe at 15 by 13 meters. It was only uncovered in 2018 after having been hidden behind aluminum for some 30 years. The project will cost around €180,000 and be split amongst the Amsterdam local council, project developer Marktkwartier and the Keith Haring Foundation. Stedelijk will act as an advisor to the project. The actual restoration will be carried out by art conservators Will Shank and Antonio Rava, who have previously restored Haring work in Pisa and Paris. The final step of the restoration process will include a protective coating to shield against inclement weather conditions.

The mural was painted back in 1986 in one day when Haring was in Amsterdam for a solo exhibition.

Featured Image: Erik Swierstra