Due to the recent child benefit scandal, the Dutch tax office (belastingdienst) will be broken up by the finance ministry.

The scandal, which saw hundreds branded as cheats and forced (wrongly) to pay thousands in delinquent fees, has caused the office to separate its means-tested benefits and customs issues from its tax gathering department. That head of that department has also been let go. The scandal has also led to the resignation of tax minister Menno Snel.

“Some of the necessary changes to improve the tax office can be realized short term but others will take years,” Finance minister Wopke Hoekstra has said. The CDA parliamentarian responsible for exposing the scandal, Pieter Omtzigt, said that the adjustments are “sensible” and also welcomed the appointment of two independent investigators reporting problems within the new department.

Featured Image: Bic (Wikimedia Commons) [CC BY-SA]