ICJ order Myanmar to protect Rohingya population

Today, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Myanmar to protect its Rohingya population from genocide.

In a lawsuit launched by The Gambia, the ruling represents a substantial win for the country’s Rohingya refugees. Though the final ruling may take years to implement, it was a unanimous decision with all 17 judges in favor of the ruling. The court said that the threat against the Rohingya is ongoing and violate the 1948 Genocide Convention. The ICJ stated that Mynamar must “take all measures within its power to prevent all acts”.

In order to implement the ruling, Mynamar must use its influence over its military and other armed groups to prevent further violence against the Rohingya. Furthermore, Myanmar will have to regularly report to the Hague based court every six months until a final ruling.

Featured Image: DFID – UK Department for International Development [CC BY-SA]


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