The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.


How bad is Amsterdam’s housing crisis? How about € 715 for a 7m2 room

Posted last week via WOON, a clear picture into the bleak reality of Amsterdam housing.

It all started innocent (and normal) enough, with a Facebook post for a single bedroom. The post was seen by “Samira”, a typically desperate Amsterdammer who, in such times, accepted the offer. The issue was, the room included in the Facebook post was not the room she would ultimately fill. That room, it turns out, was much, much worse. For €715, Samira was given a 7m2 room with no windows.

After 7 months, no light and no proper ventilation, Samira had had enough and moved out, reaching out to the tenant support organization that valued the space at €163. This lead Samira to reach out to the housing commission who, after months of deliberations, should come back with a financial ruling in her favor.

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Featured Image: WOON