The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.


Home buying in the Netherlands increasingly out of reach for average residents

Single income households in the Netherlands can afford about 4.3% of available properties in the Netherlands, a decrease of 3.2% since last year.

Defined as having a median income of 32,700, these households are able to afford a home with a 150,000 (or less) cost, an increasingly rare find on Funda, which was the primary source mortgage adviser De Hypotheker used in gathering the information. Such opportunities have become less in every Dutch province, with Utrecht and Noord-Brabant being particularly affected (1.1%). In contrast, Groningen and Zeeland hold the highest rate of such housing opportunities.

Though having a slightly better chance of finding a home, opportunities double income households with a median income of 62,500 have become increasingly less. Able to afford up to 300,000, such prices reflect 38% of Funda listings (down 8% from last year).