Translated from the Italian

“The authorities are intervening against the protest. We are very sorry about this. Our activists wanted to organize a peaceful protest in Schiphol Plaza to draw attention to this great polluter,” writes the environmental organization in a press release. “We announced this event well in advance to Schiphol and the mayor. The right to demonstrate is fundamental, even in an airport,” said Greenpeace campaign leader Dewi Zloch.

We contacted them via phone and told them of a successful action, with a few hundred activists inside: “The mayor of Harlemmermeer issued an order requiring us to leave the hall of Schiphol by 13. But our protest is 24 hours and we do not intend to give in,” says Dewi Zloch at 31mag. Meanwhile, continues the exponent of Greenpeace, the military police conducted several arrests: “They continue to drag people out. By this morning, 15/20 activists will have been arrested.

In the morning, a large banner was hung next to the control tower with the text: Schiphol exceeds all climatic limits. There is also a banner on which are written names of people who support climate action. Previously thousands of people have sent a text message to the airport to request a climate plan. The purpose of the action is not to hinder travelers, but to request a climate plan from the airport. The municipality of Haarlemmermeer gave an order not to demonstrate internally, even though Greenpeace had appealed against this decision.

The protest aims to obtain a plan for Amsterdam airport, a stop to short-haul flights and no opening to commercial traffic for Lelystad airport. Schiphol is now the ‘largest tax-free service station in the Netherlands and there is no ticket tax’.

There is a support event -the one authorized by the municipality- outside Schiphol Plaza that started at 1pm on Saturday and will run until 12pm on Sunday. There are performances by Brownie Dutch, Magic Tom & Yuri, Annabel Laura, and Antillectuel, among others. The events can be followed via live stream from Greenpeace.

The Protestival, the organization writes, is the result of a call to action: Greenpeace organized a referendum and 41% of people chose to protest at the airport.

Featured Image: © Shody Careman / Greenpeace