The ICC will impose conditions on former Ivory Coast leaders Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blè Goudè upon their release, the Appeals Chamber of the ICC decided, according to an ICC press release issued early February

Previously, a prosecutor charged the former leaders with crimes against humanity allegedly committed after a disputed 2010 Ivory Coast election. Gbagbo refused to accept that he had lost to rival Alassane Outtara, which orchestrated the violence that ultimately led to the death of 3,000 people and the displacement of 500,000 others. The crimes against humanity charge consisted of allegations ranging from rape to murder. 

Gbagdo and Blè Goudè were brought into the Court in 2011 and 2014, respectively, and had their cases joined to save time. Their trial began in January 2016 and consisted of 231 hearing days, leading to their acquittal in January 2019. This acquittal cleared them of all charges of crimes against humanity. 

The ICC will release Gbagbo and Blè Goudè to a state willing to accept them and maintain the conditions outlined by the Appeals Chamber. The ICC Registrar will collaborate with states for the release of the former leaders.