The stroopwafel, the staple sweet treat of the Netherlands, has found itself interjected in a new culture, that of the US’ National Basketball Association (NBA).

It all started with Minnesota Timberwolves forward Robert Covington, in an action deemed the NBA’s first viral moment of the season, eating a stroopwafel on the sidelines of his team’s win against the San Antonio Spurs. Then came Dallas Mavericks Latvian star Kristaps Porzingis who, in the midst of a tough game performance, snacked on a stroopwafel at halftime. On the caramel-filled waffle, Porzingis said he eats one “Every game”. Convington has said he eats up to 5 a day.

The popularity of the stroopwafel in the NBA actually comes as little surprise given a prominent company’s direct marketing to the league. The company, Honey Stinger, sells its products (meant to be energy-boosting) to 18 teams. The company claims that eating one every 45 minutes during athletic activity delays fatigue. This is, however, a result of the company’s stroopwafels replacing the traditional caramel with honey.