The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

First enforcement of “burqa ban” sees woman removed from public transport

A Limburg woman was removed from public transport in the enforcement of the newly implemented Dutch “burqa ban“.

The woman, who was wearing a niqab, had the police called on her by the bus driver who claimed she was being uncooperative. The bus driver stopped and called the police who came and escorted the women off. The public bus operator, Stein, claimed this action was “not in accordance with the guidelines”.

The incident was the first known situation where a woman was removed from public transport for wearing a niqab, an article that fits under the laws face-covering clothing definition. Enforcement rules are vague, but state that drivers, though allowed to address niqab-wearing passengers, should not cease operation on their account. è un progetto indipendente di giornalismo partecipativo.
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