On Sunday night, three men were arrested on the A16 highway in connection with “fining” tourists while disguised as police officers.

The fake cops were located at a parking lot near Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and asked a tourist for ID. Not trusting the situation, the tourist called real law enforcement, causing the perpetrators to flee. Shortly thereafter, the real police located and arrested the three men, who turned out to be a 28-year-old man from Pakistan and two Iranians Iran, aged 35 and 36.

According to the Dutch police, foreign gang-related tourist scams are common, given the general unfamiliarity with Dutch law. Usually, these scams take place in the guise of immediate, but bogus, fines being issues, which many tourists pay immediately. Yet, “a Dutch police officer will never let you pay a ticket or fine on the spot,” the department said.

Featured Image: Politie Dordrecht