Face covering “burqa ban” goes into effect today; here’s what we know

Today, the new Dutch law banning full face-covering attire in public places goes into effect. Though some 13 years in the making, many specifics remain unclear for this Dutch version of the “Burqa Ban”. With many hospitals, public transport companies, and even police saying that enforcing the ban is not a priority, the question remains as to how the 100-400 Burqa and Niqab wearing women will be affected.

Despite the general confusion, the multiple grey areas of the ban come naturally. “A new law always gives rise to a lot of questions”, a spokesman for home affairs minister Kajsa Ollongren – in charge of implementing the legislation – told NOS. One thing seems certain though, hospitals will not be enforcing the ban. “It is not the job of the hospital, but of the police and justice ministry,” the teaching hospital association NFUMC said. Police are also unhappy as they see the ban as discouraging to people reporting crimes.

Other specifics of the ban include public vs private museums. So, for example, the Rijksmuseum would be able to stop those wearing burqas from entering, but the Moco cannot. Public transport chiefs have also stated that it is the job of the police to enforce the ban, not that of operators.

As for citizens arrests, they can only be made if “Force can only be used to stop someone running away and could, for example, involve holding someone to the ground”, according to the paper below:

Featured Image: rmac8oppo/Pixabay


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