Forum voor Democratie and DENK, the first a nationalist right-wing party and the second, a left leaning party which aims to represent minorities and citizens with immigrant background, will stand for european elections in The Netherlands the next 23rd of May.

Those parties and 50plus, a movement representing the interests of the elderly, have MPs sitting on the Tweede Kamer and they hope to make the step to Bruxelles/Strasbourg.

In The Netherlands, 16 parties have collected enough signatures to run for the 26 Dutch seats on the European Parliament.

Those parties are: Forum voor Democratie, DENK, D66, CDA, PVV, VVD, SP, PvdA, ChristenUnie-SGP, GroenLinks, Pvdd, Jezus Leeft, De Groenen, vandeRegio & Piratenpartij, VOLT Nederland.

Currently, Christian Democrats CDA holds the largest share of seats gained after 2014 elections. Party for the animal, Pvdd is the smallest with one seat.