Name of the Party: PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid). Party for Freedom

Position in the political spectrum: right

Ideology: right wing populism

Position on Europe: hard Euroscepticism

National leader: Geert Wilders

Party in the European Parliament: ENF (Europe of Nations and Freedom)

Number of European MPs elected in 2014: 4

In the Dutch parliament: on 2017 general election, VVD gained 20 seats at the House, 9 at the Senate. It is currently the second-largest party in Parliament

Party programme in English: No

Lead candidate:  Marcel De Graaff

Principles for the European Elections 2019: “The government is taxing the Netherlands, sending billions to Southern Europe and widening our borders. All to meet the requirements of the European Union. The result? Our economy is underperforming, with more and more people unemployed. There is only one way out: opting for the Netherlands.”

Standing points:

  1. Security: The PVV wants to close the Dutch borders to labor immigration from Eastern European countries and to immigration from “Islamic countries”.
  2. Migration: The PVV claims that “mass immigration and Islamization are disastrous for the Netherlands”.
  3. Environment: –
  4. Euro and European Institutions: The PVV wants the Netherlands out of the EU. They are reintroducing the guilder and maintaining access to the internal market by concluding bilateral trade agreements with the EU.
  5. Economy: The PVV maintains that, once left the EU, the Netherlands would prosper by concluding independent commercial agreements and conducting independent economics and monetary policies.

The full programme is here.