Name of the Party: PvdD (Partij voor de Dieren/Party for the Animals)

Position in the political spectrum: green/left. The MEPs of the Party for the Animals are part of the European United Left–Nordic Green Left Group in the European parliament.

Ideology: Animal rights, Environmentalism

Position on Europe: soft Euroscepticism

National leader: Marianne Thieme

Party in the European Parliament: Euro Animal 7

Number of European MPs elected in 2014: 5

In the Dutch parliament: on 2017 general election, PvdD gained 5 seats. In the Senate it has two of the 75 seats.

Party programme in English: No

Lead candidate: Anja Hazekamp

Principles for the European Elections 2019: Parties for animals share a fundamental principle to protect the interests of the weakest against the might of the strongest. Serving the interests of humans and animals alike.

Standing points:

  1. Security:
  2. Migration: Support people who are fleeing hunger and violence. Help who are prosecuted because of their religious faith or political ideas.
  3. Environment: Stop climate change. Ban agricultural poison and give money for sustainable agriculture. Prevent overfishing and ocean pollution.
  4. Euro: EU should not focuse primarily on reducing Member States’ budget deficits under 3%. EU has to use indicators that give direction to a sustainable and solidary economy. Biodiversity, animal welfare, livelihood and a clean and safe living environment are central issues.
  5. European Institutions: Do not allow new countries into the Eu. European Parliament should have less power.

The full programme is here (Dutch)