European Parliament

European Parliament

EP Who is who: Groenlinks, Green Left

Name of the Party: Groenlinks/GL, Green Left

Position in the political spectrum: left/environmentalist left

Ideology: ecologist, left, radical left, progressive

Position on Europe: pro Europe

National leader: Jesse Klaver

Party in the European Parliament: Greens

Number of European MPs elected in 2014: 2

In the Dutch parliament: on 2017 general election, GL gained 14 seats. It is currently on the opposition and it is the biggest left party in the lower house (Tweede Kamer)

Party programme in English: YES

Lead candidate: Bas EickhoutM

Principles for the European Elections 2019: GroenLinks is promising to campaign for a different Europe than today’s, offering voters the choice of a more democratic and more transparent EU where sustainability and solidarity will be high on the agenda. Party Leader Bram van Ojik stressed in his speech the core values of the Greens: “It’s all about people, not numbers. About society, not markets. We always come up with alternatives, because we want to achieve results!”

Standing points:

  1. Security: Greens strongly believe in the merit of non-violent conflict resolution, ranging from diplomatic warnings to targeted sanctions, to prevent the financing of terror and the delivery of weapons into war zones
  2. Migration: full use of the existing legal instruments to ensure safe and legal access; for a more ambitious resettlement and relocation scheme; for support mechanisms and funds for countries, cities and communities that accept to relocate refugees, as well as encouraging the others to reconsider their decision not to participate
  3. Environment: We need to build up renewable energy capacities that will replace, not supplement, fossil fuels and nuclear energy. This is why GL proposes concrete measures to phase out old energy sources without causing major disruptions or creating energy poverty
  4. European Institutions: More democratic, relevant and useful to citizens

The full programme is here (English)


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