European Parliament

European Parliament

EP Who is who: FvD, Forum for Democracy

Name of Party: FvD (Forum voor Democratie). Forum for Democracy

Position in the political spectrum: right-wing

Ideology: national conservatorism, right-wing populism, direct democracy

Position on Europe: hard Euroscepticism

National leader: Thierry Baudet

Party in the European Parliament: not clear, but wants to join the ECR (conservative party)

Number of European MPs elected in 2014:-

In the Dutch parliament: in 2017 FvD entered its first general election, where it gained 2 seats. They are the smallest party in the lower house (Tweede Kamer). In 2019 provincial elections, that shape the Senate, FvD experienced a massive gain. It is currently the first Dutch party in the polls.

Party programme in English: No

Lead candidate: Derk Jan Eppink

Principles for the European Elections 2019: “European civilisation and European cooperation are very important and, therefore, Forum for Democracy is much in favour of them. Exactly that is why we are against the EU,” FvD writes on its website. The party wants national referendums on a variety of EU-related issues, such as EU membership and the Euro zone. Most importantly, they want to reintroduce borders within the EU.

Standing points: 

  1. Security: do not want a joint European policy on foreign affairs
  2. Migration: aim to step out of the Schengen treaty, reinstating national borders. All countries should be able to set their own requirements for immigration. Undocumented migrants should be deported.
  3. Environment: want to leave the Paris Climate Accord and stick with using fossil fuels
  4. Euro: opt out of the Euro Zone, reevaluating current trade agreements with other members of the zone
  5. European Institutions: loosen the power of European Institutions on member states. Particularly, the party does not want to establish a European monetary fund.

The full programme is here (Dutch)


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