Name of the Party: CDA (Christen-Democratisch Appèl) Christian Democratic Appeal 

Position in the political spectrum: centre/centre-right/ christian inspired

Ideology: Christian democracy

Position on Europe: pro Europe and political integration but against centralization of the European power

National leader: Sybrand van Haersma Buma

Party in the European Parliament: European People’s Party EPP

Number of European MPs elected in 2014: 5

In the Dutch parliament: on 2017 general election, CDA achieved 19 seats. It is currently part of the leading coalition.

Party programme in English: YES EPP Official Website

Lead candidate: Manfred Weber

Principles for the European Elections 2019: CDA party wants to build a more united Europe with a stronger sense of solidarity between the Member States. They are firmly against the centralization of the European power and aim to strengthen European borders as a solution to the migration emergency. One of the main points of their agenda is to boost reforms and investments as a strategy to emerge from the financial crisis.

Standing points:

  1. Security: reinforcement of Europe’s security borders by enhancing Frontex
  2. Migration: support and collaboration with countries in Africa and the Middle East to fight against the humanitarian crisis and illegal immigration with their “fundamental, universal values at the basis of [the] action.”
  3. Environment: greater attention on renewable energy sources and phasing out unsustainable energy production.
  4. Euro: support to new policies, fiscal discipline, and continuous economic reform. Inclusion of non-Eurozone Member States in decisions affecting their economy and interests. 
  5. European Institutions: European institutions should help the EU Member States in economic difficulty as long as they respect their commitments and implement structural reforms.

The full programme is here