EP Who is who: D66, Democrats 66

Name of the party: D66 (Democraten 66). Democrats 66

Position in the political spectrum: centre, centre-left

Ideology: social liberalism

Position on Europe: pro-European

National leader: Rob Jetten

Party in the European Parliament: ALDE (liberal party)

Number of European MPs elected in 2014: 4

In the Dutch parliament: in the 2017 general election, D66 gained 7 seats, giving them a total of 19 seats. The party is the third biggest party in the lower house (Tweede Kamer). It is also one of the coalition parties.

Party programme in English: Yes

Lead candidate: Sophie in ’t Veld

Principles for the European Elections 2019: “D66 is pro-Europe. We are optimistic. For our country to be strong, we don’t need less, but more Europe. That is why D66 was, is and remains the most pro-European party,” D66 writes in its programme. The party hopes to work with the European Parliament to reach the Paris Climate Accord goals, offer a better asylum system and give more power to the European Parliament.

Standing points: 

  1. Security: introduction of a European armed forces that can stand up to larger foreign powers
  2. Migration: wants a better asylum system, offering those who flee war and violence a definite safe place in Europe. People who want to work in Europe should be able to apply in a safe way.
  3. Environment: aims to exclusively generate sustainable energy in 2050, shutting down all coal plants throughout the EU; supports a solution tax; a focus on sustainable agriculture rather than traditional agricultural subsidies
  4. European Institutions: more power for the European Parliament, giving it full legislative powers, the right of initiative and full authority over the EU budget. They also want a smaller European Commission and a single seat for the European Parliament in Brussels.

The full programme is here (English)


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