The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

The Netherlands, an outsider's view.

Dutch rent costs rise again but to 4 year low

The average 2019 second-quarter rent rise has been the lowest across the country since 2015. Though still rising, the numbers across The Netherlands major cities reflect a general slow down in increase, with Amsterdam being of particular note.

In the capital, rents rose 2.8% according to housing platform Pararius, on par with Rotterdam. The Hague saw an increase of 4%, while Utrecht saw an increase of .3%. In Eindhoven, the country’s fifth-biggest city, rents rose by 7.3%.

The Pararius data also shows that apartments rentals price increases at an average of 1.7% while single-family homes saw a sharper increase in price at 9.2%. This comes as Amsterdam and The Hague are set to release new income requirements and developer regulations with a focus on the €720 – €1,000 range. In the autumn, the Dutch government will also release a new plan targeting relevant home affairs.

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