Dutch Minister calls out big pharma; seeks international coalition against cost surge.

Bruno Bruins, Dutch Minister of Medical Care, has issued a statement to Volkskrant targeting the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to keep drug prices at affordable levels.

Threatening to name companies publicly who charge high rates on medicines for unknown reasons, the act comes in lieu of the lack of pharmaceutical regulations that allow healthcare costs to continue to rise. In 2017 Dutch hospitals spent 2 billion on medicine, a 10% increase from the year before. In his statement, Bruins describes an (unnamed) company who hiked prices up to 150K per year, per patient. “What bothers me is that we’re not allowed to know why we have to pay so much”, Bruins said. “We simply don’t get an explanation.” Therefore, if the company has a good explanation it should be made public.

Bruins is also seeking the support of a coalition fo countries to counteract global trends in the medicinal price surge trend. Currently speaking with four other small countries, Bruins seeks to draft a code of conduct that should stand as a moral philosophy for big pharma


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