The Dutch company Dun Agro has constructed the first home in the Netherlands built entirely from cannabis. The house is located near Groningen and is reportedly fire and earthquake resistant, C02 negative (as hemp concrete production removes more C02 from the atmosphere than it emits), and more affordable than traditional housing.

The hemp plant is a carbon negative crop with an exceptionally high growth rate and according to Dun Agro, is currently “being rapidly rediscovered for sustainable applications, such as in construction.” Hemp does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance which causes a high in marijuana.

Dun Agro creates hemp concrete by pouring melted hemp, water, and glue into a mold which takes around three months to dry. The 100% natural cannabis home can then be quickly assembled on-site. While the company’s website explains that constructing cannabis homes is not new, Dun Agro is innovating a faster and cheaper method of hemp concrete construction using prefabricated (prefab) parts.

These innovations in hemp housing construction come at a time when the market for economical and environmentally efficient housing is bigger than ever. Growing environmental concerns in the Netherlands prompted nitrogen emissions legislation to halt thousands of construction projects during a nation-wide shortage of nearly 300,000 homes; meanwhile, the price of rent on traditional homes continues to climb.

Dun Agro unveiled the prefab house in late November 2018 and hopes to demonstrate that hemp building is “a serious alternative” to sustainable housing construction. The company estimates they could feasibly produce around 500 prefab cannabis homes a year.

Featured Image: 123Rf Dun Agro